Gruaduation dissertation / Final examination

Gruaduation dissertation / Final examination

To be admitted to the final exam, the student needs to:

- have passed all the prescribed exams and have acquired all the prescribed certifications and credits

- be into compliance with the payment of fees, academic contributions and incidental expenses

- be registered to the final exam.


The final exam consists in the discussion of a thesis regading one of the fields of education of the Course, in which the student has to demonstrate, according to a multidisciplinary perspective, to be able to carry out the analysis of an issue, using the latest results of  the research and of the international scientific literature.

the Council of the degree course decides all the rules for the allocation of the subject and those for the collaboration of professors to the elaboration of the thesis; during the drafting of the work, the student can be assisted by a Professor or a researcher which can also be part of a different Course.

In this last case, the Professor has to be authorized by the Council.


The graduation dissertations are divided into:

  • curricular thesis: dissertation on a restricted subject supported by a critical survey of literature.
  • research thesis: dissertation on a subject which requires a detailed and exhaustive analysis, good ability to work in an indipendent manner and critical reflection.


Presentation of the on line request of admission to the graduation exam – 1 month before the date of the beginning of the graduation session


Communication of the rinunciation of the graduation exam – 10 days before the date of the graduation exam


Registration of the last exam and deposit of the booklet at the Student Secretary - 15 days before the date of the graduation exam


Authorization/declaration of the Supervisor for the presentation of the thesis – 10 days before the date of the graduation exam


Deposit of the copy of the thesis on magnetic or electronic media – 10 days before the date of the graduation exam



NEW LOGO OF THE UNIVERSITY AND REORGANIZATIOIN OF DEPARTMENTS: from January 1, 2017, The University of Parma has a new logo and a new image.

Students at all levels (specialized, doctorate, master) have to reproduce on the cover and on the title page of the thesis, without asking any authorization, the logo of the University of Parma, which is available in the web area of students (Esse3) through the autentication credentials into the procedure “DEGREE/FINAL EXAM- OBTAINING THE DEGREE”. NOTE: It is recommended to save the logo, because once the request for graduation is done, it is impossible to see the logo again.

The new Regulation for using the logo of University of Parma is published on the page /416.

Students are also recommended to indicate the Degree course and the Department of belonging, taking in account the updated indications due to the reorganization of Departments. (see web page