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Private Law
First semester
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Learning outcomes of the course unit

The course aims to provide the student with an understanding of Italian familiy law, including its possible future developments.
In particular: I) Knowledge and comprehension skills. Knowledge of the fundamenta institutions of familiy law and relevant case law.II) Ability to apply knowlwdge and understanding. At the end of course, the student will be able to analyse facts and apply the appropriate law to the case presented to them. III) Making Judgement. The student will be able to use their legal knowledge to evaluate and analyse the main legal decisions in this subject. IV) Communication skills. The student will be able to speak confidently about family law.



Course contents summary

The course aims to provide the student with the fundamentals of family law, with particular reference to the aspects and issues that arise with the subject. The following issues will therefore be examined: marriage, personal and economic relations between spouses, marriage in crisis: separation of the spouses, the dissolution of marriage. Civil partnership and de facto cohabitation in the light of L.20 May 2016, n.76. The legal status of minors with respect to the family, filiation, adoption, and maintenance obligations.

Course contents

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Recommended readings

G. BONILINI, Manuale di diritto di famiglia, UTET, Torino, 2020, IX ed. (p.1 to p. 178 and from p.219 to p.433.)
In addition, the student needs to have the following textbooks:
Codice civile, ult. ed.

Teaching methods

The course will be through (synchronous) lectures on live streaming through the Teams platform, according to the University's indications for the health emergency, for a total of 36 hours. The Student/Teacher interaction will be preserved by reserving moments, during the lectures, for the dialog with the class on topics dealt with. The lectures and the analysis of cases will be through the Teams platform and will be recorded and made available to students on the Elly platform

Assessment methods and criteria

The achievement of all the educational objectives ( I,II,III, IV) will be assesssed through a final oral test that will consist of answering orally at least three questions relating to the course, encompassing both the course textbooks and the lectures.
Alphabetical order.
In the continuation of the health emergency COVID 19 and depending on the evolution of the same, the exam may take place a distance via TEAMS platform .Students will be given the opportunity to take an intermediate test during the course. The date will be communicated by the teacher during the lessons

Other informations

The teaching materials used in lectures will be available to the students on the Elly portal.

The SLIDES of the lessons will be published on Elly, after each lesson. The students have the possibility to book telephone appointments or TEAMS meetings with the teacher by sending an e-mail to