The Degree Course in "Social Service" trains graduates who have the theoretical and applicative skills and who have mastery of methods and techniques of the social service area, necessary to carry out the profession of social worker (A.S.). The Social Worker lends his work to public and private social services, administrations, organizations, third sector organizations and businesses. In a civil society transformed by demographic dynamics, by the appearance of new needs and by new models of economic development, the graduates of this study-course be able to detect and face situations of social hardship both for individuals and for families, groups and community. Graduates in Social Service therefore should perfectly know the rights of citizenship and the regulations necessary to assist people in need. The objectives of the three-year course in Social Service are identified in the development of knowledge and skills useful for the performance of the profession of social worker with particular regard to legal knowledge, necessary to place the profession in the correct institutional framework. At the same time, the social changes that affect the structure of the work world as a whole, in addition to the repositioning of the profession of A.S. in the new welfare framework, make it necessary to provide the graduate with knowledge and skills useful for 'social work'. For the purposes indicated, the educational path of the graduate in Social Service includes not only activities aimed at acquiring fundamental knowledge in the field of sociology, psychology, law and economics; but also to the methods proper to social service, in its specificity. Therefore, the study course has signed an agreement with the professional Order, integrating the training offer with the professionalism of external experts, both for classroom teaching and for internship. The teaching modules strictly related to the professional area will therefore also benefit from social service experts with titles and work experience. The teaching office assigns considerable importance to the compulsory training courses that are carried out both in the II and III years, for a total of 600 hours, provided by social service facilities (both in Italy and in foreign countries for comparative training). The tutoring and re-elaboration of the training experience deriving from the internship is supervised by a 'trainee teacher', an A.S. professional, with experience and competence both as an operator and as a trainer, who is recruited with the support of the professional Order. Briefly, the Degree Course in Social Service of the University of Parma aims to provide graduates with a good knowledge of the basic disciplines of social service with a particular focus on legal education; a good expertise in the methods and techniques of the social service and in particular practical and operational skills related to the recognition and treatment of situations of social hardship, referring both to individuals and to groups and communities. All these skills and knowledge are oriented to allow the graduate to work in service structures with autonomy and responsibility, using, inter alia, a language of the European Union, in addition to Italian, in the specific area of ​​competence and for the exchange of general information. The verification of the achievement of the training objectives is based on  assessment tests, intermediate and / or final, written and / or oral, regarding the lessons as well as the integrative activities in which the study plan is divided, as well as, of course, the evaluation of the final exam.