The course is governed by a Course Council, constitued of the Professors who officially hold the lessons and Reserchers who support them during the didactic activity, and for the remaining 20% of students representatives.

The tasks of the Course Council are described by the Regolamento didattico di Ateneo.

Every Council appoints its President, who presides over the Council, convenes it and monitors its activity.

The current President of the Course of Social Work is Prof.ssa Chiara Scivoletto.

 Referee for the quality of the Course  (RAQ): Prof.ssa Susanna Palladini


Group of Review

Prof.ssa Chiara Scivoletto                            Course President

Prof.ssa Susanna Palladini                           Referee for the quality of the Course  (RAQ)

Prof.ssa Maria Giovanna Greco                   Professor member of the CdS Giulia Giangrisostomi                       Student Representative

Dott.ssa Roberta Colagioia                          Student Representative

Dott.ssa Rita Marta Francia                         Manager for the teaching quality of the CdS

 Delegate for the income orientation and tutoring: Prof.ssa Vincenza Pellegrino

Delegate for the post-lauream orientation:  Prof.ssa Vincenza Pellegrino

Erasmus+ Referee:  Prof.ssa Vincenza Pellegrino

Internships Referee: Sig.ra Sabrina Secchi

Manager for the Teaching quality of the Course of Social Work: Dott.ssa Rita Marta Francia


Management system of the quality of the courses of law, international and political studies

Management system of the quality

Reports to the responsible for the quality insurance

The RAQ (Responsible for the Quality Insurance) monitors the correct enactment of the teaching activities and of the attendant services.

For this reason it is possible to report problems or ask questions on the teaching activity and on its organization.

To write to the RAQ à fill in the FORM

unique Annual statement of the course of social work

The Unique Annual Statement of the Course (SUA) is a management tool useful to project, realize and evaluate the Course of Study.

The Unique Annual Statements can be envisioned on the website UNIVERSITALY.