Career prospects

Social worker

Function in a work contest

- identifies and registers the situations of social marginalization

- keeps in touch with people living in problematic situations and analyzes their needs

- identifies the most suitable services available in the area

- contacts the relevant local institutions

- Refers to the judiciary authorities the cases that require their intervention

The Degree in Social Work allows former students to apply for the bar exam to become a Social worker according with the D.P.R L. 5 june 2001, n. 328, by passing which it is possible to join the professional register.
The activity of social worker is generally carried out within public or private structures, like hospitals, municipalities, social cooperatives, ministries. Rarely it is an autonomous work.





The students are required to pass an English test (level B1), due to the multicultural contest where many assistive interventions usually take place.

The have also to experience the challenges of the social work during the university, training their skills in dedicated internships.