Transfers and course passages

Tranfers to Social Service Course

The Course Council decides about the transfers of studentds coming from other University or other Degree Course.

After the decision of the Course Council, the transferred Student is allowed to sign up for the first useful exam session and to complete academic career records, including the proficiency exams related to courses which the frequency has been validated.



  • Are you enrolled in the Degree Course of Science in Social Service at another University and do you want to move to the corresponding Degree course of the University of Parma?
  • Are you enrolled in a Degree Course of different classes but do you intend to transfer to the triennial degree course in Social Service of the University of Parma?
  • Are you already graduated but do you wish to enroll in the Degree Course in Social Service offered by the University of Parma?
  • Do you want to know, indicatively, which exams and how many credits will you be validated?

HERE, you can findd the teaching regulations of the Degree Course of Science in Social Service corresponding to the various academic years.

Remember that:

The Degree Course Council assesses the University studies, already completed in Italy and abroad in order to recognite them, according to the provisions of the teaching regulations.

Students coming from Degree Courses in Social Services from other Universities or from Courses of different classes, or that are graduated in different classes, and wish to enroll in the Degree Course of Social Service may request the validation of exams already taken.

The Degree Course Council establishes, for each individual request, which of the exams can be validated, and the number of CFUs that can be considered acquired, indicating the year at which students are admitted and the order of the studies that they must follow.

Validation of exams for at least 40 ECTS allows enrollment in the second year. The validation of exams for at least 80 ECTS allows enrollment in the third year.

The frequencies to the teachings of the years preceding the admission can be validated by the Course Council.

The validation of the exams is evaluated by the Teaching Committee of the Course of Study,

To obtain the validation of exams, Students have to send a documented  request, by email to: