Non-selective test

In compliance with the national law (D. M. 270/2004), the Course Council of the Course in Social Work prescribes that the freshmen, who have achieved the High-School Degree with a score lower than 70/100 (or 42/60), will undergo a preliminary test to demonstrate their preparation.
The entrance test is mandatory.
No ranking will be provided; the test will be assessed as either “passed” or “failed”.
It consists of:


  • Reading comprehension of a text in Italian and writing of a short summary/paraphrase of the text;
  • No. 3 questions (multiple-choice) about the same text;
  • An interview.

    The written tests aims at demonstrating their ability to understand and review textual documents, their elementary knowledge of the Italian language (meaning of words and orthography) and basic logic skills.

    The student who writes a summary/paraphrase which contains incorrect content and/or which is formally wrong and/or who does not correctly answer at ALL questions, won’t pass the written test and won’t be admitted to the oral test.

    The oral test will complete the assessment elements of the Commission. 

    The student who fails the test on the first date has to sit again for the test the second date and must attend the training activities the Course will offer in September and October.

    Note The the student who doesn't take part to the training activities cannot sit for the second test to the training activities provided by the didactic council prevents from sitting the second test.


    In case of failure, the student acquires a conditional pass, which prevents the student from joining the exam sessions although regularly enrolled.
    The regularly enrolled student who did not pass the entrance test, will have to take a similar written test, as in September and October, in a date to be fixed from January on.
    Once the test has been passed, the full pass will be recorded in the Career Management Office: The recording of the full pass will ensure the regular admission and registration for all examinations to be taken in the First year.


    The tests will take place on the following dates:

    1st test → 22nd October 2018  10am – Cavalieri Room – Examining Board : Prof. C. Scivoletto, Prof. V. Pellegrino and Prof. M. G. Greco

    2nd test → date, time and place to be defined – Examining Board: Prof. C. Scivoletto, Prof. V. Pellegrino and Prof. M. G. Greco



    The training activities will take place:

    Calendar to be defined